Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds, eh? How about Seven Adjectives?








If Seven Pounds were a man, I’d spit in his face. The film is indeed packed with itself who’s forgets it’s wanting to tell a narrative. So enraptured with it’s own supposed “mystery” who’s forgets to do everything to make mystery worth sticking around for. The biggest mystery in my experience was how much more money Marley & Me would make than this pile of crap($12 million in addition far). This is the type of movie I rail against greater than most others. A film so brimming with self importance that any decent performances within are rendered null and void.

The typically likeable Will Smith plays Ben Thomas. Ben is a person with a mystery. How do we know she has a mystery? Because he never answers questions. He stares long to the distance for pointless and stays in seedy motels all by himself. For some “mysterious” reason, Ben has decided to help seven people. But only seven deserving people. Ben makes initial experience of these people, and basically after knowing them for thirty seconds he’s capable of come up with a judgement contact them. That sounds fair. Be good to me just for this minute or I won’t useful life.

Ben presents himself as a possible IRS agent, worming his way in the lives of his subjects. He’s basically a stalker, and by all rights he should’ve been tossed in jail, but I guess since that would end the movie pretty damn quick, natural courses of logic please take a back seat on the necessities of plot. ซีรี่ย์จีน starts to form a relationship with one of his subjects, Emily Posa, played wonderfully by Rosario Dawson. Emily has congenital heart failure, and Ben plays himself as only a guy who’s both enthusiastic about easing her burden but in addition as a male thinking about her. In truth, Ben is just enthusiastic about the previous, a deceit I find utterly comtemptible.

As both the grow closer, Ben lessens and much less willing to share the real truth about who he is and why he’s doing what he’s doing. In fact, this is actually the aspect of the film I find most annoying. Ben features a secret, I get that. He did something horrible in their past containing forced him to look for penance by helping people. That’s fine, plus a good starting point for your story. But Ben’s inability to share his ultimate method for helping them, or perhaps the WHY from it all can’t make sense to me. He refuses to answer simple questions, choosing instead to tense on top of apparent grief or hightail it being a girl having a skinned knee. Or worse, just smile that sheepish Will Smith grin and feel that makes everything okay. No, it doesn’t. What it is like to me is that he’s keeping the secrets from US, however, not the people in the film. That shouldn’t happen. In the context with the film, there’s silly why he can’t divulge some of his secrets. The only reason to complete so is usually to keep the audience from knowing.

We never get a chance to actually understand why Ben chose individuals he chose, as the movie focuses almost completely on Emily and Ben’s relationship. The time they spend is regarded as the natural of, as Dawson and Smith tend to be accomplished dramatic actors with a natural chemistry. If this had just been about the two of them and left all this “mystery” nonsense behind, I’d be giving thumbs up all around us. Instead it’s buried under the weight of an plot that efforts to be so much a lot more than it really is. A plot that, literally for that first hour in the film, does absolutely nothing. It just sits there, wringing it’s hands.

And the ending. Oh, that ending. That controversial finale. I wanted to slap everyone involved in the making on this junk. I wanted to phone everyone on my contacts list and warn the crooks to keep away from this dreck, lest they waste two hours of the lives the way I did. But I didn’t. And some of my buddies have finally seen this crap, and I feel guilty. Maybe, in true Ben Thomas fashion, I’ll take those friends to some real movie just as one act of penance. I might even pay for it.